About Me

So, This Is My Story…

One day, many years ago, I was born in Rizal (just east of Manila) to a family who didn't have the resources to care for me. So, at [let's say] 15 months, I was adopted by an American family station at Kadena Air Force in Okinowa, Japan. There's so much more to this story, but let's save it for coffee some day!

So, my family and I moved a bit and landed in Northwest Ohio; where we've been for the majority of my life. I grew up in a small town and went to a very small school, where a very special art teacher showed me I was capable of being more than ordinary. And during my sophomore year of high school, my career as an artist began. I started doing small print jobs for family friends with businesses and taking portraits. I went on to study Fine Art at Bowling Green State University and earned a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing. All the while, I grew my clientele, dabbled in different industries, I traveled to Italy, and continued to sharpen my skills.

After college, I felt pretty burned out on Graphic Design and Marketing and just needed to find my passion for the creative industry again. I started my first small business as a Photographer, covering mostly portraits and weddings. I then took two years off from photography and entered the banking world, where I grasped a lot about small business financing. I soon got the itch for something more and could not handle 9-5 banking boredom any more. I took a risk and jumped into web design and development with a small local company. It turned out to not be the right fit exactly, but the experience allowed me to push myself again and learn on my own. It sparked just enough motivation to get back to work... for myself... again. I decided to concentrate on design work. I really wanted to work with businesses. In my experience, I have helped several small business with design related work. I found myself also being their marketing consultant and online guru. I loved it! It was an added challenge to the job that only benefitted my design work. 

Now, here I am…

One Person

I enjoy working one on one and in person. You may find me working on site so that I can dig deeper into everything your brand is and does. My multi-talented demeanor allow me to look at your situation from very differing angles and put them together to work seamlessly.
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A Small Business Owner & Entrepreneuer

I value your effort to want to effectively portray your business. I value your time. I've always been in the business of working for myself. Which doesn't necessarily mean I always work by myself. I often reach out to others as a resource if it means getting the job done right and effectively. It's how small businesses function successfully, using each other as a network of support. Just because you're a small business doesn't mean you have to do it all alone.
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a Graphic Designer

I'll take your vision, your story, and put it to work using a creative graphic, and artistic approach to alleviate any challenges the business may be faced with. A good designer does what the clients needs. A cheap designer does what the client asks for. Good design can only develop from asking the right questions. Through several clients, and trial and error, I've learned that asking the right questions leads to the right answers. And every situation is different and unique. It's important to me to take the time to really understand your business and your customers. That's where the creativit...
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a Photographer

How often do we hear how effective photographs are in advertising and social media? And it's true! I've been in love with telling stories through photographs for as long as I can remember. I often ask clients if they think they have proper imagery for a project. Often, most think they do, but more often than not, the client would benefit greatly from a little professional photography.
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a Millennial (Gen Y)

Growing up with the rise of computer technology has it's benefits. It becomes second nature to utilize and understand technology in general. This allows me to take my marketing knowledge and connect it with todays technology. Online marketing is powerful when used correctly and to it's maximum potential. It can be a bear just keeping up with all the daily updates and advances to online marketing tools. But, hey, let that me my job. You're busy running a business, running your dream.
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not an Expert

I do have a lot of experience in development and I am very motivated to solve my own problems, but to be an expert developer would mean giving up my creative side. For now, I know I'm not an expert developer by any stretch of the imagination. However, I have reliable resources that can assist me through any hurdles requiring an expert developers knowledge. I would never try to say that I am and risk functionality. Design is useless if it can't function correctly. That I understand 100%.
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a Traveler

Since my business consists of just myself, I don't have a physical office location. I'm a traveler and it's just part of the job description. This allows me to be mobile and accessible to my clients. Besides, creativity calls for thinking outside the box. Of course, as you know, less overhead means lower, more competitive pricing for you!
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Alyssa Pitchford

Over 10 Years Experience in Graphic Design, Marketing, & Photography


Rizal, Philippines
According to Wikipedia, it's a mountainous region and there's a must see waterfall there. That's about the extent of my familiarity with my roots. One day, I'll travel back.


Northwest Ohio
Northwest Ohio... if you've lived here, you know what it's like to experience all four seasons. Not always at the right time of the years. That's Ohio!
Florence, Italy
My summer study abroad at SACI, Florence, Italy was a very pivotal year in my creative little heart.